Sunday, 17 November 2013

Halloween (Born Pretty Review)

Okay, so I finally got around to posting my HALLOWEEN nails. So late. I sowy!
I did two designs in the end, one minimal and sophisticated, one more creative and playful.
I would also like to take this opportunity to review my first product from the Born Pretty Store, so if you haven't already, please read my Disclosure.

On with the nails! Here is the first, more sophisticated design;

For the base on my index and middle finger, I used Nail Girls -Matte Grey. I used Sinful Colours -Innocent for the other three. And created the stripes using a striping brush.

The spider webs are water decals, also from the Born Pretty Store. The round neon studs are also from BPS, but these arn't the ones I'm reviewing today, look out for one in the future!
My review is on;
This stunning silver skull stud. I recieved five pieces in the package, which doesnt seem a lot, but you wouldn't want to use more than two in a mani, because of their size. I suppose it might be better to have an even number, so you can have the same number on each hand, but this isn't a major problem.
I added one to this mani;
 I have quite narrow nails, so the skull looks even bigger, however, it did stay on very well. My nails are also quite curved, so its hard for large studs to stay on, but these did a pretty good job (with plenty of glue).
Overall I think these are a great addition to any manicure, and are suitable for many types of nails. I would say save them for special occasions though, because they can catch on things when you do everyday tasks.
You can pick up these studs here, for only $1.99!
Remember to use my 10% off code when you buy ANYTHING from the Born Pretty Store;
What do you think of the studs?
Do you like the 'sophisticated' halloween look I created?
Look out for my second halloween look, and more reviews!
Thanks for reading!