About Me

Hi, I'm April, an 18 year old girl from Manchester, United Kingdom.

I don't really know what to write on this part of my blog, I'm just not a very interesting person!
Basically, I started doing my nails seriously in 2012 (the result of boredom when I finished school at 16), and I wanted a place for all my designs to live so they won't be lost forever when acetone removes all traces of them. Also my friends got sick of the countless photos of my nails so I thought I would share them with a more appreciative audience!

I like pizza, Sweeney Todd and all things expensive. I am obsessed with the artist P!nk and playing The Sims. I speak fluent Harry Potter and drink plenty cups of tea. I don't think I will ever grow up, but sometimes I feel like I've been on this Earth for a century!

You; my readers, mean the world to me. I thank you from the inner-most depths of my heart for your patience, guidance and for generally putting up with me!

Please drop me a line, I love hearing from you! If I have inspired at least one person, then creating this blog has been worthwhile.

Dream on xoxo

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