Friday, 13 September 2013

Challenge #2 -orange.

Hi everyone.

Basically I love the colour orange, and I think it can look really beautiful, especially if it is used subtly. So to use hints of orange in my design, I decided 'the waterfall' pattern would work best. This is something I wanted to try for aaages, ever since I saw it on the wonderful Nailasaurus blog, by Sammy. Here is what I came up with;

I think it turned out pretty neat, what do you think?
I added a plain orange accent, paired with a Born Pretty Store stud, to complete the mani.

I'm really proud of my recent photography, I got a new Canon camera, which is now my baby, haha.
What do you guys think about my version of Sammy's waterfall?
(I hope I did it justice)
Did any of you come up with an orange mani?
Keep your emails coming, I love hearing from you!
And as always, thanks for reading :)

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