Sunday, 12 January 2014


Hey guys, this one's just a quick hello to update you on some upcoming posts.

Number 1: Lacquer Legion

I'm sure you have all heard of the new initiative -'Lacquer Legion' set up by a few lovely ladies! and I am happy to announce my participation in this! I look forward to seeing everyone's designs, see you on the 27th!

Number 2: Ciate!

I wanted to buy the Mini Mani Month ever since I heard about it last year, but like a true cheapskate, I restrained and waited for the sale!
I will be reviewing each of the 24(!!) shades in the coming weeks!

Number 3: Born Pretty!

More reviews from the Born Pretty Store coming soon!
Can't wait to share more products from this site.

Number 4: 31DC

I have not forgotten about the challenge, but it will be on hold until all this excitement is over!

So that's about it! How have you guys been?

Thanks for reading as ever :)