Thursday, 23 July 2015

#10DOTN -The end!


Sorry I have been absent for a few days, I've been working on some new projects! I hope you all enjoyed my throwback posts, but I do have a few old nails left to show you! So I'm afraid this post will be v. picture heavy, enjoy!

 As you can see, I did these nails around the same time, as they are all super long and square! But I never got round to posting.


Chains and studs from the Born Pretty Store.

I love how my nails look in these pictures (all real!!) but they were so hard to maintain. Once one broke, they all had to be chopped! And I found it difficult having to pick everything up in a certain way so  wouldn't damage them.

So excited to show you these nails, one of my favourite manis.
Back when caviar was cool... I have to admit I absolutely hated this trend! No matter how much top coat you used, the balls end up everywhere!
I hope you liked this post! Tomorrow's will be a round up of the other #10DOTN posts.